Psalm 122 Contemporary English Version (CEV)🕊

Psalm 122 Contemporary English Version (CEV)🕊

Psalm 122 Contemporary English Version (CEV)🕊

(A song by David for worship.)

A Song of Praise🕊

122:1 It made me glad
    to hear them say,
“Let’s go to the house
    of the Lord!”
2 Jerusalem, we are standing
    inside your gates.

3 Jerusalem, what a strong
    and beautiful city you are!
4 Every tribe of the Lord
obeys him
    and comes to you
    to praise his name.
5 David’s royal throne is here
    where justice rules.

6 Jerusalem, we pray
    that you will have peace,
    and that all will go well
    for those who love you.
7 May there be peace
inside your city walls
    and in your palaces.
8 Because of my friends
and my relatives,
    I will pray for peace.
9 And because of the house
of the Lord our God,
    I will work for your good.🕊



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